Thank You, K-State

There are few words that can accurately express our gratitude toward K-State and the community of business professionals who, together, made K-State Launch A Business (LAB) a possibility. But we can start by saying thank you!

Thank you to Chad Jackson the Director of the Entrepreneurship department at K-State for creating such an amazing program. We are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were before May 28th and we have you to thank for even applying for LAB.

Thank you to Collin Clifford, Caleb Burton and Brandon Heide, our student team for providing outside perspective, good ideas and providing us with deliverables that, no doubt will help us now and in the future. We really did luck out on such a great group of individuals.

And finally, thank you to the mentors that participated in the program. The insight you provided was priceless... well, it was for us anyway. It was just great getting to know you, hearing your stories, getting encouragement and at times some redirection.

All in all, this program is fantastic. We look forward to seeing where this program goes in the future and are willing helping in any way we CAN.