2016 is going to be a Banner Year

“2016 is going to be a Banner Year!” Can-Coctions is celebrating ten years since being established in 2006. The family owned business started from an idea on an annual canoe trip and has grown into a fully functioning business.

The Can-Panion is the sole product that keeps this company afloat (pun intended). Launching the product to market in 2007, “the Ladies” (Siobhan, Mary, and Patti) of Can-Coctions sold more than 2,000 at their very first trade show before they even had the mold for the Can-Panion. With that kind of reaction, they knew this could be a company worth their time and energy.

Over the next few years, “the Ladies” spent their time traveling door to door at outfitters and to trade shows to make this company what they knew it could be. Doing this, they accumulated more than 250 accounts from small outfitters in Missouri to large retailers around the country and internationally.

Recently, Can-Coctions has been working to cultivate their relationships with outfitters, retailers, and all partners.  In the summer of 2015, Can-Coctions participated in Kansas State University’s Launch a Business program through its Entrepreneurship department working with local business experts to learn how we can expand. In 2015, Can-Coctions also took a step in becoming a part of the local business community by registering as a member of the Garnett Chamber of Commerce.

To make 2016 a “banner year,” Can-Coctions is saying “Thank You” to small retailers by sending them a banner with the signature Can-Coctions picture when they order their Can-Panions for the season! (While Supplies Last)

The past ten years have been a ride for the Can-Coctions family, a fun one at that and they thank everyone that has been a part of the journey.